How digital adoption gives you a competitive edge

Software isn’t just a part of the workplace these days. It is the workplace. But, many employees are being left to figure out enterprise software platforms on their own, especially with remote work now the norm. 

Digital adoption strategies are key to ensuring their experience with the tools they’re using each day is frictionless, not frustrating. While most business leaders agree putting these strategies into play is a priority, only 20% of digital transformations actually succeed.

In this webinar, you’ll hear Tatyana Mamut, Pendo’s SVP of New Products at Pendo, Enrique Jenkins, Pendo’s VP of Business Technology, and Shari Chernack, Head of People at Industrious, give their take on the findings in “Driving Digital Adoption for a Competitive Edge”,  a new sponsored report from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, and discuss the best practices they’ve found effective in driving digital adoption at their orgs.