Kurs „KI für Produktmanagement“

Expand your AI knowledge and grow your career.


The AI for Product Management Course explores AI’s place in product management—including how to leverage AI throughout the development life cycle, best practices for building AI-powered features, and why product managers should view AI as a strategic tool, not a threat.

Complete the course and exam to earn a “AI for Product Management” badge for your professional profile. The course and exam are 100% online and self-paced. Usually $149, we’re offering the course for free for everyone.

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Who should participate

This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn how product managers and organizations can utilize AI in their product development practices and to build AI-powered features. Whether you’ve never used AI tools before or are already leveraging AI in your day-to-day, this course aims to educate product professionals on the opportunities AI brings and share actionable use cases and tactics.

What to expect
  • 6 modules covering AI and product management use cases and best practices
  • 2 hours of engaging, instructor-led videos
  • Curriculum developed by product and digital experience leaders
  • Optional exam to check your knowledge and earn a badge

Explore the curriculum

Trisha Price | Chief Product Officer, Pendo

Module 1: Welcome to the AI for Product Management Course

Get an overview of the AI for Product Management Course and what you can expect to learn.

Steve Richardson | Staff ISV Go to Market Customer Engineer, Google Cloud

Module 2: An overview of AI and product management

Discover why product managers shouldn’t view AI as a threat, ways to utilize AI and AI-based tools in your work, and answers to frequently asked questions about leveraging AI in product development.

Nichole Mace | VP of Product Growth, Pendo

Module 3: Adapting your software strategy in the AI era

Learn a methodology you can follow to build a software strategy that encompasses AI, plus the value of establishing AI principles and best practices for building AI-powered features.

Trisha Price | Chief Product Officer, Pendo

Module 4: AI and the product-led organization

Today’s most successful companies put their product at the center of everything they do. Get an overview of product-led organizations and how AI can lead to transformational outcomes like increased growth, efficiency, and beyond.

Nichole Mace | VP of Product Growth, Pendo

Module 5: Powering product-led growth with AI

Since the growth function is so goal-oriented and data-centric, it’s ripe for applying machine learning. Explore use cases for leveraging AI for product-led growth and how AI can enhance these practices with automation and personalization.

Adam Thomas | Product Lead, Mind the Product

Module 6: Making product development smarter

Explore AI’s role—or potential role—at each stage of the Product Management Life Cycle. Get practical guidance and examples for leveraging AI throughout the entire product development process.