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Product Teams 5 ways product leaders in the UK, France and Germany stand out from the rest of the world

As we’re bolstering our investment in EMEA, we teamed up with Product Collective to learn more about product professionals from three countries in the region: France, Germany and the UK. I’ve been working with product leaders in these countries for years and the results were pretty surprising to me.  It turns out product managers in... Read more »

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Customer Teams 4 ways successful customer success and product teams collaborate

When I started at Pendo as a customer success manager (CSM) in 2016, we had one product manager (if you didn’t count our CEO, Todd). It was easy to sit with or message our product manager to explain a customer issue, and this accessibility led to many of our product’s current features. In reality, most... Read more »

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Using Pendo How sales and marketing teams can use Pendo for more effective outreach

At Pendo, our goal to arm product teams with the tools they need to understand how customers are using the product, so they can continue to deliver software experiences users love. But we also like to think of Pendo as a Swiss army knife, offering capabilities for multiple departments across the organization. For sales and... Read more »

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