Pendo Listen

Build what matters. Skip what doesn’t.

Capture user feedback, organize insights, and test ideas so you can prioritize your resources with confidence.

Pendo Listen gives you a 360° view of your customers’ needs, backed by data and accelerated by AI. Confidently build and launch successful products — all in a single platform.
Bild Listen more effectively
Better feedback thanks to in-app capture with context.
Bild Schneller durchstarten
Reduce manual work and make data-driven decisions.
Bild Build evidence
Understand which ideas to invest in and which to ignore.
mini_spot-roadmap-roadmap-purple Geschlossener Kreislauf
Bring internal and external users along on the journey.


  • Summarize and drill into product feedback with AI-driven summaries and powerful filters
  • Identify recurring trends and take the guesswork out of product planning
  • Keep an eye on customer health and happiness—and know where to improve
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Pendo Feedback


  • Test product ideas before you build them to prioritize initiatives
  • Target specific user groups for more relevant feedback
  • Quickly see which ideas resonate most with your users
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Pendo validate


  • Cast a clear, data-informed vision for your product’s future
  • Visualize the business impact and effort of every initiative
  • Erhöhen Sie Transparenz und Vertrauen bei Ihren Stakeholdern
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