Wie Global Payments Pendo nutzt, um datengesteuerte Entscheidungen zu treffen



Discovered which parts of the platform were most important to users

Validated hypotheses to make better product decisions.

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Thousands of merchants and businesses around the world depend on Global Payments to ensure they’re able to process payments and keep their operations running smoothly. To make sure they’re offering a best-in-class solution, the team at Global Payments uses Pendo to back every decision they make with data.

Chad Parker is a product owner who has been working on redesigning the company’s OpenEdge View product, which offers a portal for merchants to manage payment and refund processing, business analytics, and reporting. He shared how Pendo is helping his team make more data-driven decisions during the project at Pendomonium 2021.

Throughout the entire process, Parker has been using Pendo’s usage analytics and its Data Explorer tool to analyze user behavior and guide the decision making process around what features should or shouldn’t be included in the new UI and which areas they should focus on first.

Using Pendo’s heat mapping capabilities, Parker and his team validated a hypothesis that their homepage was seldom used in its current form, and to see which buttons on the navigation bar were clicked most often. That told them which parts of the platform merchants found most useful and helped them prioritize work. Parker used Pendo’s segmentation capabilities to get an even more granular look and examine how platform use differed by role and other user characteristics. 

Pendo data even empowered Parker’s team to make decisions within features. To refine the platform’s Generate Report feature, Parker used Data Explorer to find out which options users most often selected from a drop-down menu for selecting date and time windows. Using that information, they set the most commonly used option as the default, and restructured the order of the list to offer a better user experience.

In another instance, Parker used Pendo data to see what proportion of merchants were sending payment requests via text message and email. He found out nearly three-quarters of requests were sent as text messages, and directed more resources into improving that feature.

And when support teams were telling Parker’s team that including an option for swiping payment methods in the new virtual terminal was a necessity, the data showed that a very small proportion of transactions occurred that way, and most of those transactions came from just a handful of merchants.

The reports generated by Data Explorer were also easy to share as dashboards among the team and cross-functionally, allowing Parker to tell these stories through the data.

“Being able to tell those stories like that is just so powerful,” he said.

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