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Orgvue, the leading organizational design and planning software platform, allows users to capture the power of data visualization and modeling to build better performing organizations. In 2020, Orgvue undertook a major re-platforming and restructuring exercise to improve their customer experience and ensure users were able to drive maximum value from its application. As part of that exercise, Orgvue invested in Pendo to deliver the product analytics and actionable insights needed to better understand the customer journey, communicate with users more intelligently, and make faster product roadmap decisions.   

Orgvue realized the value of the Pendo platform immediately. However, as a small team, they discovered there simply weren’t enough hours in the day to take full advantage of everything Pendo has to offer. To do more with Pendo, Orgvue upgraded to Pendo’s Technical Account Management (TAM) service level. Pendo TAMs are product experts who proactively partner with customers to instill operational quality, implement best practices, and generate better outcomes.

Robert Rollings, VP Product Management at Orgvue, championed the TAM upgrade. 

“Pendo has truly added value to our platform, value we see everyday. We have a complete data-driven understanding of our users,” says Rollings. “We can track user engagement, and make informed decisions about where to invest our time.”

Getting more value from Pendo

Before upgrading to a Pendo TAM service, Orgvue relied on best endeavors rather than best practices. They needed an extra pair of hands to realize the full potential of their investment, without incurring additional product management or CSM recruitment costs.  

Immediately, the TAM reviewed Orgvue’s implementation from the perspective of an end user, suggesting improvements to capabilities such as feedback optimization, feature tracking, data analytics, and dashboards. They also addressed onboarding best practices, goal tracking, and adapting platform experiences to the user.

“We’ve removed a whole lot of complexity for our team, helping them become more proactive and efficient thanks to a deeper understanding of our customers and how they are using our application,” Rollings adds. “It was one of my happiest moments when at our first quarterly review meeting, we could demonstrate exactly how we were driving an uptick in usage by better exploiting the value of our Pendo investment.” 

A key aspect of the TAM’s role is to escalate and expedite potential issues and troubleshoot problems as they occur. For example, the TAM quickly identified Orgvue were not making the most of Pendo Analytics, and were not spotting areas of their app that were being underutilized. By providing advice on the different ways to track users across their entire application, Orgvue were able to make the necessary bug fixes and refine the user journey to better highlight the value of individual features and capabilities.

Thinking big and acting fast, while showcasing business value

In less than a year, Orgvue has doubled its visitors, thanks to a vastly improved product experience. Rollings emphasizes that their technical account manager is key to their success, while enabling Orgvue to scale and accelerate growth. 

“We wouldn’t have got to this point without a TAM,” says Rollings. “Our CFO witnesses the value of Pendo every week. He, like our product managers and CSMs, has a better understanding of the businesses, our product journey, and what we can achieve for our customers.”

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