Pendo fuels growth at every stage of your business

Accelerate your customers’ time-to-value with targeted in-app communication

Pendo for Growth: kostenlose Testanleitung

Erleichtern Sie Self-Service-Benutzern den Zugang zu Freemium-Konten und kostenlosen Testversionen.


Steigern Sie das Engagement für Ihr Produkt, indem Sie die Zeit bis zur Wertschöpfung verkürzen.


Pendo for Growth customer loyalty

After implementing Pendo, 77% of surveyed organizations saw a 10% reduction in churn.

Pendo for Growth keep customers informed

Keep your customers informed with targeted in-app communication


Pendo Customer Bob Samuels, Widen

“We were using Amplitude but since switching to Pendo have saved time and effort trying to get features tagged and named appropriately by the development teams. We can simply decide what we want to know when we need to know it!”

Bob Samuels, Product Growth Manager Widen logo

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