Winning the future of product: Next Generation Product Managers

With stubborn inflation and frozen budgets, there’s more pressure on product managers now than ever to help their companies successfully navigate the future. In response to all the macroeconomic turbulence and changing trends, product managers are evolving to strategically influence the future of their companies. So what do these next-generation product managers look like?

In this webinar, Bruce McCarthy, founder of Product Culture, Jason Knight, product consultant and podcaster at One Knight Consulting, Shyvee Shi, product manager at LinkedIn, and Marcus Andrews, director of product marketing at Pendo, dive into key findings from the new report, “The power of Product in an economic downturn,” and explore the growing importance of product and product managers in creating an efficient business.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Why companies are rallying around product now more than ever
  • The biggest challenges product leaders are facing today
  • The rapid acceleration of the product-led movement and how teams can facilitate product-led growth
  • What skills the next generation of product managers should have to win the future