Leveraging product management and UX teams to build great products

Product management & UX can be a harmonious super-team, or they can be mired in overlap and conflict. Guess which approach leads to more successful products? The most effective teams embrace overlap and focus on delivering an exceptional product experience for their customers. Together, product managers and UX/UI designers turn unique market insight into tangible products that have the power to surprise and delight customers. Product teams which master the craft of user experience tend to win big by creating end-to-end product experiences that attract, delight and retain their users.

Please join us as we sit down with Annie Dunham, director of product management at ProductPlan, and Kelsey Hughes, UX designer at Pendo, to learn:

  • How to define the roles and responsibilities of PMs and UX/UI.
  • How to develop a seamless relationship between product management and UX/UI.
  • Tips and tricks of the trade to work collaboratively and achieve the best results.
  • And much more!