How to build a dashboard that inspires curiosity and discovery

A product analytics dashboard can be a powerful tool when built effectively. With the right data and context on a dashboard, you can help teams get on the same page and make the right decisions, quickly.

Join us as Dave Shay, customer insights consultant at Foreground, Ryan Salomon, senior director of product management at Pendo, and Stephanie Liu, senior product marketing manager at Pendo, dive into how to build an effective dashboard that helps teams better collaborate, influence others, and inform stakeholders.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why having a robust dashboard is worth the investment, especially during these times

  • How to get started in building a dashboard that works for your business goals

  • Key steps to take in centralizing, contextualizing, and collaborating with your data

  • Actionable and shareable insights you can glean from a product analytics dashboard

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