Webinar: How to abandon the black hole of feedback

How to abandon the blackhole of feedback

Product feedback is an unbelievably valuable source of data but many organizations struggle to handle feedback well at scale, or worry that creating a single feedback process will overwhelm their product teams.

Very often, valuable feedback disappears into a blackhole where it creates a never-ending backlog for product teams to wrangle and a poor experience for customers.

Luckily for you, this webinar will show you how Pendo allows you to:

  • Gather feedback at scale so it works for your teams;
  • Mix qualitative and quantitative usage and feedback data to help you make impactful product decisions; and
  • Communicate updates, simply and easily (wave goodbye to that blackhole of feedback for good!)

Existing Pendo customers should tune in to learn how you can launch in-app guides from Pendo Feedback and also get an exclusive peek into our 2021 roadmap!