Data-driven UX: how usage data and session replay informs exceptional product experiences

Historically, UX and product teams have relied solely on customer feedback to inform product & UX improvements. Today, UX & product tools can give you a much clearer picture than simply what your customers take the time to share.

Working alongside product teams, UX designers can dig deep to find issues in the customer experience that users struggle through but simply don’t take the time to offer feedback about.

By combining user analytics with replays of real customer experiences on your site, UX teams can gain a much better understanding of the true experience of their users. They can more quickly impact the user experience in their product, increase time-to-value, and ultimately improve their products.

Please join Justin Dilley, head of product at FullStory and Adrienne Gajownik, sr. designer at Pendo, in a discussion about the intersection between product analytics and session replay as it relates to their roles today.

We’ll show you how:

  • UX improvements influence customer engagement, satisfaction, and retention.
  • Usage analytics and session replay make it easy to identify and correct usability challenges in your product.
  • Companies like yours are leveraging data to continuously improve their product experience.