Entwicklung von hervorragenden mobilen Anwendungen

Today product teams work hard to build seamless multi-channel experiences as users move from screen to screen. For many products, this begins with a mobile-first mindset–but also a clear understanding of all of the other digital touchpoints on the user journey.

In this webinar, we sit down with Keren Wexler, Director of Mobile at Pendo, and mobile product leaders from LexisNexis and others for a spirited fireside chat on best practices for exceptional mobile-first experiences that guide increasingly mobile users across screens and devices in a connected user journey.

Learn how you can:

  • Improve customer marketing campaigns by using product usage for targeting
  • Trigger upsell messaging and educational campaigns by looking at the right in-app behavior
  • Use in-app messaging as a targeted communication channel based on things like behavior, geo and other customer attributes
  • And much more!

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