A product-led approach to product-market fit

The product-led growth (PLG) model is becoming the standard go-to-market strategy for building best in class, efficient, and high growth software businesses. But at the heart of PLG lies a strong product-market fit. Watch Sudhee Chilappagari, vice president at Battery Ventures, and Nichole Mace, vice president, product-led growth at Pendo, on-demand as they break down successful software companies’ product-led approach to product-market fit.

You’ll learn:

  • What product-led growth (PLG) is and how it helps accelerate the path to $1b ARR<
  • The difference between having and not having product-market fit (PMF)
  • How companies can find product-market fit
  • The PMF flywheel to build better products, acquire customers, and drive product adoption
  • Why PMF is more relevant now than ever before, and finding product-market fit with experimentation