Top 10 product-led talks of the year: Episode 7

How to build and launch a personalized in-app communication strategy

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iRobot has mastered the consumer electronics and robotics space. With years of innovation, research, and engineering power, they’re taking away the burden of using your precious time to clean your home. And as the company has continued to invest in their technology, they’re also making investments in their customers’ experiences—whether it’s showing users step-by-step guides on how to use a new feature, ensuring customers get connected to a care agent when they hit a snag, or celebrating achievements based on users’ goals.

In this video, Mary Ward (Sr. Digital Product Manager at iRobot) discusses how iRobot partnered with Pendo to build a personalization strategy for their mobile app. You’ll learn how product-led messaging has helped iRobot build a “communicate first” product strategy, and see how these tactics can be applied to drive delight within B2B customer experiences.

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