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7 Skills for successful product leaders

Not very long ago, product management was a little-known field. But today, product leadership is a fast-track position for those with CEO ambitions. What makes a successful product leader? This eBook answers that question by identifying the 7 skills that product pros need to master.


How Nielsen uses product usage and feature adoption to measure product success

As a product manager, how do you evaluate your team’s performance? Over time, these metrics have likely shifted away from KPIs like the number of features shipped to the measure of product usage and feature adoption. Ultimately, what
product teams deliver is only as valuable as what’s adopted by customers—and customers that adopt are the ones that tend to become loyalists. So it makes sense that adoption and usage would rise to the top of the list.

But how do product teams make this shift when they determine what KPIs are important to their product’s success? Join us on for a live interview with Greg Bayer, SVP of product at Nielsen, to learn how he has handled changes like these throughout his career.


How to Use Guides to Communicate in Crisis

From providing coronavirus-related updates and promoting timely webinars to nimbly scaling up their onboarding processes, here’s how Pendo helped customers execute new strategies in record time.

Getting Started with Onboarding

Building a data-informed onboarding experience

Pendo: Interaktive Produktbenchmarks

Interaktive Produkt-Benchmarks

Pendo infographic: The Product Ops Effect

The product ops effect


Are You a Shadow Product Ops Person?

Think you could be a product ops person hiding in the shadows? Choose the answer that best describes your situation, and we’ll tell you if you might be your company’s shadow product ops leader.

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