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Pendo Introduces Session Replay, a Fully-Integrated Video Playback Solution that Expands the Power of the Pendo Platform

Session Replay is one of several new capabilities announced as part of Pendo One, Pendo’s unified application experience platform.

RALEIGH, N.C. October 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ –  Pendo, the leader in application experience management, today announced the general availability of Session Replay, its new privacy-first video playback solution. This expansion of the Pendo platform enables product managers and application owners to watch a playback of how a user interacts with their application to gain the context needed to take actions to improve the user experience. Pendo announced the latest addition to its platform before a record crowd of 1,300 gathered for Pendomonium, the company’s product festival held annually in downtown Raleigh.

Session Replay adds a third layer of user intelligence to the Pendo platform — visual data. It provides product and UX teams with context around what they uncover with quantitative usage data or what they learn from qualitative feedback in Pendo. By watching a user click, scroll, and move through an application, for example, in the moments just before they get frustrated and log out, teams can more deeply understand their users and get to critical product insights faster. With its comprehensive, no-code privacy settings, Session Replay continues Pendo’s commitment to providing dynamic privacy-centric solutions to customers.

“Session Replay is an essential tool for product teams — it provides irrefutable evidence to back up their discoveries from product usage data and to inform both short-term actions and long-term product bets,” said Todd Olson, CEO and co-founder of Pendo. “Along with our exciting AI roadmap and new product discovery capabilities announced today at Pendomonium, we’ve made an even more powerful Pendo platform for delivering the best application experiences.”

Key features of Session Replay include:

  • Integration with Pendo’s quantitative and qualitative data: Session Replay makes Pendo a single source of truth for user behavior intelligence. Combining visual data with usage data, user feedback and user sentiment, teams can make confident product decisions and ensure the features they build get used.
  • Availability everywhere in Pendo: Replays are available throughout the Pendo platform. For example, a customer’s usage data shows a segment of users abandoning a page at a high rate — they can click a “Watch replay” button and pull up a list of relevant replays to view to understand the problem.
  • Advanced and simplified privacy settings: Session Replay includes three out-of-the-box privacy settings that blur private data during a session. There’s also an option to customize those settings further.  
  • Unlimited replays: Pendo captures every second of user interaction and organizes it in a searchable library by filters like visitor, segment, page, NPS response, and in-app guide click.
  • Flag and share replays: Jump to key moments in a replay based on applied filters. Or, flag important replays so they’re easy to identify and return to later. Share replays with other team members to build empathy for users and support product roadmap decisions. 

Demand is strong for Session Replay, with more than 500 customers signed on as beta users. Jonathon Wilson, senior R&D software systems analyst at Medidata Solutions, hopes to use Session Replay to watch user behavior leading to a high volume of support tickets, helping them to identify where to add contextual help and where the product needs more significant improvements.

“We make software for clinical trials, and our platform provides complex solutions for complex problems. This makes it even more critical that we help users do things more efficiently, and always reevaluate how we design our applications,” Wilson said. “Session Replay provides an opportunity to ask important questions about one’s software – it’s not what the user did wrong, but what can we do better? I’m excited to see how Replay can help us make better, smarter decisions about our applications.”

Session Replay is available now. Learn more here

About Pendomonium

Pendomonium is Pendo’s annual event for product and IT teams, combining inspiring thought leadership, Pendo product announcements, hands-on workshops, and networking in a festival atmosphere. Happening October 17-19 at downtown Raleigh’s Martin Marietta Center for the Performing Arts, the event features 35+ educational sessions, including an AI spotlight series featuring experts from Google Cloud, Pendo, and Ada. Other highlight speakers include OpenAI innovator and investor Fraser Kelton, and Milk Bar Founder and Chef Christina Tosi. The event culminates with a live performance from seven-time Grammy Award winner Big Boi, formerly of legendary hip hop band OutKast.

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