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Pendo and Wiley Publish “The Product-Led Organization”, Taking Product-Led Strategy Beyond Growth to Transform Today’s Software Organizations

RALEIGH, NC—SEPTEMBER 23, 2020Pendo, a platform that helps companies accelerate digital product adoption among customers and internal employees, today announced that the company’s first book “The Product-Led Organization: Drive Growth by Putting Product at the Center of Your Customer Experience” is now available everywhere books are sold. 

Written by Pendo CEO and co-founder Todd Olson and published by Wiley, the book helps any software product manager or executive understand and implement growth strategies that have made companies like Amazon, Peloton, Netflix and Apple so successful. By delivering software that is simple, intuitive and delightful, that anticipates and exceeds the evolving needs of customers and that automates aspects of the user journey, product-led organizations create the very best customer experiences, and the most resilient companies.

“Our customers inspired this book—from trials and onboarding to support and training to marketing and billing, they’re putting more of the customer journey inside their products and transforming their companies,” said Olson. “As more of daily life happens inside apps and software tools, consumers expect those platforms to deliver an amazing experience. It’s critical for companies to meet this expectation and become product led.” 

Olson walks readers through three key considerations for companies on a product-led journey: how to leverage data to build a great product, strategies for putting product at the center of the customer lifecycle, and the implications of this expanded role for the product on delivery and product team structure. 

The book is for product managers and product leadership, entrepreneurs, executives and investors. It is meant as a practical guide on product-led strategy, helping companies establish a foundation of measurement, automation, feedback, and continuous optimization to create memorable customer experiences and grow their businesses.

“Todd pairs deep insights from years building software with rich stories from modern tech companies to serve up a playbook for anyone creating software in a digital-first world,” said Nir Eyal, bestselling author of Hooked and Indistractible. “The Product-Led Organization goes beyond product management best practices to spotlight a new way of doing business, where entire organizations coalesce around the product to provide the best experience for their customers.”

To purchase a copy, visit— and get a free excerpt on the Pendo blog.

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