Pendo + Dataworkz







Data Out

What is it?

Connect Dataworkz to Pendo via API key, without writing any code. With our Dataworkz integration, you can easily retrieve data from Pendo and store it in an object store like S3. The Pendo data can then be correlated with other datasets from different SaaS sources, relational and NoSQL databases, and cloud data lakes and warehouses.
100+ out of the box transformations
Create a holistic view of your customer data. Dataworkz acts as your own personal data engineer, connecting siloed systems and giving business users a visual no-code interface to transform data.
Complementing Pendo Sync
Pendo Data Sync enables organizations to store their Pendo data in a cloud object store. Dataworkz would work with the output from Pendo Sync and enables business users to transform Pendo data and combine it with other sources for their needs.

Who is it for?

  • Sales and marketing operations teams wanting to correlate Pendo data with SaaS systems, databases, and other various siloed data sources.
  • Data analysts and data scientists relying on Dataworkz to assemble a complete customer 360 view.

Why is it awesome?

  • Creating a 360 degree view of customers requires collecting and combining data from various sources, such as product analytics, CRMs and marketing platforms, prospecting tools, customer support platforms, and more. By simplifying this data management process from a visual, no-code interface teams can create a comprehensive view of customers without specialized skills.

What's possible with Pendo + Dataworkz

  • Create a customer health score: Identify which customers are likely to expand, renew, and churn with a comprehensive view of their journey
  • Aggregate crucial data to be analyzed in Business Intelligence tools
  • Quickly create a granular view of current activities and touchpoints for key accounts


  • Pendo admin access and Pendo API key.
  • Dataworkz account.
  • This is a partner-built integration. Please reach out to Dataworkz for support.