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In his Pendomonium session, Director of Product Management at Salesforce Jonathan Pappas proposed the question, “What is the experience we want to create?”

When Salesforce acquired a company that was later rebranded as Desk, Jonathan was tasked with improving the trial experience. In the existing setup, he concluded that too many features were being left for users to discover on their own.

In the first iteration, Jonathan and his team built a guide framework that called out “setup moments,” which were specific actions users should take in their trial experience. These features became reliable indicators of paid conversions.

But he still felt there were some issues with the experience. Most notably, Jonathan wanted to train—not merely show—users how to use the full product.

He went back to recreating the entire trial experience, this time using Pendo’s guide solution. To hone in on the training approach, Jonathan made sure the walkthroughs had more of an interactive capability, so that users were, effectively, teaching themselves how to use the product.

At the end of these walkthroughs, Salesforce users understand how to get full value out of the product, because they’ve already done it.

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